LogoWant to learn how to make your own beauty products and cosmetics at home? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Seeds of Beauty aims to revive theĀ idea of making health and beauty products at home using all natural/on-hand ingredients. Let’s “Nurture through Nature” and leave our skins healthy and well nourished by replacing the chemical-based products with all-natural homemade ones!

Our aim is to market the idea of making health and beauty products (shampoos, scrubs, creams, makeup, makeup removers, powders, deodorants, facial masks, lotions, body splashes, etc.) at home and revive the idea of using pure natural products. Our concern is that the chemicals in the products that are available in the market have serious hazards that need to be acknowledged, in addition to that, our country is facing lots of economic problems and the products in the market are becoming very expensive. Egypt nowadays is also facing lots of problems when it comes to importing and exporting products and lots of people are struggling to find the products they used to buy. We want to create substitutes for the chemical beauty products by promoting natural products.